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Industrial Hemp Recycling (IHR) offers complete fibrous waste management solutions for Colorado’s emerging marijuana/hemp industry.  We assist residential and commercial grow facilities equally in their marijuana/hemp waste disposal procedures by adhering to the state’s waste compliance regulations.

The primary mission of IHR is to provide a consistent, courteous and customized arrangement based on the needs that vary from client to client. We provide a safe method of transport for all processed fibrous waste and soil while offering a variety of services including, emergency pick up services, mmj fibrous waste transferring, on-site mulching and dump trailer haul away service. These clearance systems are not only in alignment with State sanctioned laws, but also guard the industry workers and owners alike from health hazards.


We protect the integrity of the brands that contract our services by keeping each enterprise in compliance with the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). This is a proactive responsibility that will safeguard companies in the industry from receiving costly citations, associated fees, or business closures.

As more counties, cities and states move to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, this industry is on track for rapid growth and continued development. Throughout this expansion, IHR is committed to securing business initiatives, while providing safety for individuals and sustaining the environment.  Since 2011 our reliable services and customer support has sustained our reputation of assurance with cost effective waste removal systems and programs for each of our clients.

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