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 keeps clients compliant...

At IHR we make sure every step of our waste disposal process follows the State’s waste compliance regulations, and safety & legal guidelines.  Our assured certified compliant process ensures that all green waste is rendered unrecognizable & non-consumable, then recycled & repurposed.

  • Scheduled Weekly Pick-Ups.

Minimum of two (2) scheduled pick-ups per month to receive member pricing.  All member pick-ups must be confirmed by Friday of each week for the following weeks pick-ups.


  • Onsite Waste Processing.

Shredding, grinding, and mixing of all green waste contained inside IHR's supplied green waste recycling bins while under 

your facilities security cameras

  • Green Waste & Soil Haul-Away Services.

Stop all dumpster diving and destruction of your property

 by having our Secure Transferring Service haul-away all processed

 green waste & soil to IHR's recycling & re-purposing LRC and partners.

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Marijuana waste recycling process
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